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Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardians,

A warm welcome to you all from Indian River High School. I look forward to an exciting school year filled with academic, social, and emotional growth opportunities for every student. At Indian River High School we will continue to provide a safe environment where ALL students have the opportunity to learn at high levels. Our dedicated and caring staff enjoys a professional learning community that works collaboratively to ensure that the individual and diverse needs of students are met through an academically rigorous and differentiated instructional program. We remain focused and committed to encouraging all students to be confident, caring, and self-motivated, while becoming contributing members of the community. As our vision and mission statement proclaim, Indian River High School will work to provide a safe environment for academic excellence while fostering critical thinking skills that enables students to tackle the challenges of our global society.

As parents and active school and community members, I ask for your full collaboration and assistance in continuing our efforts to strive for greatness and meet the individual needs of every child. Furthermore, I encourage you to visit us frequently during the course of the school year and inquire often about your child’s progress. Parents are also encouraged to monitor their child's progress with a parent Schoology account. Together, we can ensure your child has the best possible educational experience.

I wish you all a safe and exciting school year. Please continue to refer to the school website,, and our Facebook page for additional information. (Indian River High School - Delaware)